A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Formula One Merchandise for you!

Perfect Formula One Merchandise

If there is one thing that every Formula One is always in need of, it definitely has to be more licensed merchandise – original gear, released through official channels by the official distributors. T-shirts, jackets, backpacks – even tiny Formula 1 models to collect and display on your shelf – you’ll find those and more at FansBRANDS!

FansBRANDS is proud to be one of the leading Formula 1 official merchandise distributors. We deliver licensed gear to enthusiasts from all around the world – from Hungary to Japan! We offer tens of thousands of licensed products – from hats to gifts to official teamwear!

If you need help picking out the perfect Formula One merchandise, we have prepared this little guide to aid you through the process. Choose out of thousands of available items and find the perfect ones for you – no matter whether you’re a Scuderia or Mercedes fan, you’ll find something that’ll fit your taste!

Show your love and support with official teamwear

There is something magical in wearing your team’s colors – as if you were right there with them, supporting them through difficult times and new challenges. Official teamwear gives you the chance to feel like a member of your favorite Formula One racing team, wearing their colors and latest designs.

At FansBRANDS, you can find teamwear of many professional Formula 1 teams – those better-known and less-known alike. We offer licensed teamwear of the Ferrari Scuderia team, Mercedes AMG Petronas, Red Bull Racing, Alfa Romeo F1, McLaren, Aston Martin, Alpine F1 Team, and many more!

Ever dreamed of wearing one of your favorite driver’s suits? Now you can! At FansBRANDS, you’ll find official teamwear of the world’s most famous F1 drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Kimi Raikkonen, Sergio Perez, Michael Schumacher, Carlos Sainz, and more!

Fashionable clothing licensed by your favorite F1 team

Teamwear isn’t the only clothing option available for Formula One fans at FansBRANDS – we also offer thousands of licensed clothing products, straight from the official distribution. This includes caps, shirts, polos, shoes, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, and much more!

We also offer clothing accessories, including sophisticated watches, elegant wallets and handy bags. Looking for something that will immediately tell others you’re a professional driver and racing enthusiast? Why not grab a pair of official Ferrari Driving Gloves – just like world-class racers wear during the World Championship.

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Formula One clothing – you can go with the team colors you enjoy and fill up your entire wardrobe with branded products. If you’re planning a trip or vacation, a licensed backpack or a suitcase might come in useful – you can choose between travel bags, side bags, waist bags, handbags, notebook bags, tablet bags, and much more!

Make your family and friends’ special day with a dedicated Formula One gift

Can’t seem to find the perfect gif for a closed one but you know they’re Formula One fanatics? Why not get them a gift themed with their favorite team’s colors, straight from the official distribution? At FansBRANDS, you can find a variety of intricate trinkets and memorabilia, licensed and coming straight from the source.

A key chain or a lanyard might be a sufficient present for a small occasion, but what about something bigger? At FansBRANDS, you can find themed water bottles, thermal mugs, full-sized flags (perfect for cheering your favorite team at a championship), licensed soccer balls, pens, pencils, and much, much more!

Looking for the perfect present for a kid? Why not get them an official Ferrari Teddy Bear, inspiring in them a love for your favorite team at an early age? We offer many toys and children’s gifts, including unique Formula One car plushies that come with special water pens for your kid to paint the car themselves.

Maybe you’re in the market for electronics? Ferrari Training Earphones, touch pens, dedicated chargers – you’re in for a treat. Here at FansBRANDS we add a unique gift to every order, in hopes to make you smile even wider when you receive your products with swift delivery!

Show off your collectibles with a scaled-down Formula One car

If you’re a fan of trinkets and things to collect and show-off on display, our miniature F1 car models might be exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a wide variety of licensed Formula One models, including some of the most famous cars in history. How do you think having your own Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or an authentic Charles Leclerc SF1000 Tuscan GP displayed on your bookcase would feel? We’d venture to guess “pretty amazing”!

We offer toy cars for kids, as well as high-quality replicas for true enthusiasts. At FansBRANDS, you’ll even find a series of commemorative models of the most influential drivers and their vehicles, including Ayrton Senna and his McLaren MP4/8 1993, or Michael Schumacher in his Benetton Ford B192.

Items like collectibles and car models tend to sell out quickly, so make sure to follow our latest deals frequently. We often host limited edition sales, as well as restocks and exclusive offers which only last a short while – don’t be late! If you want to secure the best deals and get an additional 10% extra discount on every product, check out our VIP Membership program for extra benefits.

Don’t know what to give to your closed ones for a special occasion? A gift card might just be the perfect present!

It can be difficult to guess other people’s taste in clothes and gifts – which is exactly why getting somebody a gift card is the safest choice. A dedicated Formula One fan can browse tens of thousands of licensed F1 products at our store, selecting only the ones that they desire.

Simply select the value you want, add the gift card to your cart, and voilà – you’ve got the perfect gift for a racing fan. For more inspirations and ideas, check out our news portal and social media for the latest info and gossip, straight from the Formula One world!

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