Advertising and communication trends you mustn’t miss at the start of 2022

Advertisement Trends

Now, more than ever, online is the most important environment for promoting your business, no matter the industry you’re part of, the milestone of your communication strategy and the business growth landmark you achieved.

Whether you’re a fashion brand, home and deco eCommerce, a beauty business, a tourism company, a tech provider or agriculture, whether you’re a startup or a long-lasting name on the market, your communication and advertising must focus on digital solutions, in order to reach your target audience and to sustain the growth of your business. The promotion actions you’ll be taking will help you position yourself and give your brand the credibility, authenticity and visibility it needs and deserves.

A pandemic approach

The companies which were only active offline before the pandemic and had a low online presence understood the importance of online communication and promotion and put in the effort to adapt and align with the online environment. On the opposite pole, the companies that already had a strong online presence grew their communication and online marketing budgets and invested more in technology and innovation. Some of them switched their advertising providers with digital out of home solutions, such as tps engage.

Consumer behaviour, always changing

Consumer behaviour is constantly changing and online and offline competition becomes more and more intense. The newcomers need time to consolidate their brand and make themselves known and the mature companies must continue to adapt and innovate within the growing market. In both situations, the companies need powerful PR and communication strategies and actions to capture and keep the attention of their customers. And this also stays valid for advertising, whether we’re talking about Las Vegas billboards or commercials that become viral.

We’re heading towards communication and promotion actions based on artificial intelligence, towards software and online apps that will simplify our audience’s lives by replacing people in time-consuming and repetitive tasks, towards solutions that quickly deliver more precise data and thus give us more time for creativity, in order to create that relevant, authentic and appealing content our public consumes.

Promoting your company or your personal brand should be as natural and authentic as possible. Nowadays, it’s not enough for a website’s interface to not only be user friendly, but the team behind the brand must also be friendly, receptive and close to the consumer. In the end, the evolution of technology’s purpose is to help us become more human. 

An eCommerce should get the attention of its audience, tackle their curiosity and determine them to visit the website, lead them to make sustainable choices and buy only those products they really need. Influencers’ collabs will continue to help the brands reach their target audience and make conversions, but the communication’s nature must be natural and original.

Online shopping is nowadays more efficient on mobile devices, especially when the products or services don’t need a detailed presentation. So the online stores should invest in optimizing their websites and adapt their online campaigns for these devices. These are the things to consider when developing and planning a strategy for online communication and advertising in 2022.

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