Can You Wear Skinny Jeans?


Skinny jeans seem to be the favored style for celebrities, models, and women who look like them but can the “average” woman pull it off? Of course, you can! Keep these tips in mind and you’ll discover how wearable skinny jeans are for nearly every woman.

Consider the Color

Skinny jeans are meant to make you look long and lean, so the wash you choose will help you get that look. Look for skinny jeans in a dark black or dark blue wash; these are the most slimming and will help to accentuate the positives without drawing attention to any “flaws” you might have.

Choose the Right Shoes

If you’re already long and lean, you have a few options when it comes to what footwear to pair with your skinny jeans. Ballet flats or pointy-toe shoes can look amazing, but if you have thicker calves you should opt for a pair of tall boots and tuck your jeans into them. If you’re in love with high heels, choose a pair of basic pumps to help elongate the leg and make you look slimmer. Your favorite pair of sneakers can give skinny jeans a casual-cool vibe too, but choose non-bulky styles like low tops to avoid overwhelming the fitted look.

Keep It Balanced

Because skinny jeans are so fitted, you need to balance your look with a top that has a bit of volume to it. A fashionable tunic top or a top with flowing, bell sleeves will work to keep your look in check. If you choose a shirt that’s extra-long, you can belt it to feel more pulled together AND disguise problem areas. Bonus!

Be Comfortable

Skinny jeans don’t have to be uncomfortable or skin-tight; in fact, there are plenty of skinny jeans that will give you the look of a leaner silhouette without making you feel like you’re going to pop. Look for slightly wider leg openings when shopping for skinny jeans; these are much more forgiving.

Add Accessories

Your look can be maximized by choosing the right accessories to go with your new long and lean silhouette! Add a funky headband; don a chain necklace, or stack a few flashy bangles on your wrist for instant glam. Don’t go overboard with accessories, but definitely be creative and have fun mixing and matching your favorite pieces – with skinny jeans, nearly anything goes!

Many women are afraid of skinny jeans, but nearly any woman can pull the look off if she knows how. These tips will help you get over your fear and make that first leap into the world of skinny denim. Good luck!

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