David Fachman Gives 4 Tips for Boosting Business Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Business owner says curb appeal can help win over new visitors into loyal customers.

The first impression has a lasting impact on customers. In just a few seconds, a visitor will judge a business based on signage, décor, cleanliness, and upkeep. David Fachman recently explained how businesses could boost curb appeal for better first impressions with clients, customers, investors, partners, and stakeholders.

Keep Up with Trash Removal and Landscaping

Removing litter from the parking lot, trimming shrubbery, removing weeds, and clearing snow from sidewalks are all examples of upkeep that will increase curb appeal. David Fachman says keeping the property tidy is a big part of helping the business look pulled together, professional and active. “If you let the trash float around your property, it gives the impression that you don’t care (or, worse, don’t notice). Be attentive to details by going after the smallest wrappers and cigarette butts that might be thrown near your sidewalks or entrances.”

Use Holiday Décor for Festive Impact

As the owner and President of Christmas Animatronic Magic (CAM), David Fachman suggests bringing the “wow” factor to your business with larger-than-life holiday decorations. His Christmas décor options are enormous, moving and programmable displays sure to get attention from anyone stopping by.

“The element of surprise can make your company more memorable,” he explains. “I may be biased, but I really do believe these huge, moving displays are pretty hard to ignore. People love them. They are a huge hit for every business we’ve sold them to. And, once you use them, people will look for them to show back up next year too.”

Use the Entryway as a Focal Point

Designing a specific focal point can help create a more organized and seamless experience for visitors. While it may seem like a very small thing, highlighting the entrance with the right décor can help the visitor feel more confident and welcomed, Fachman says. Businesses with multiple entrances should provide a very clear point of entry.

Stay Consistent with Brand Aesthetic

Establishing curb appeal offers the perfect opportunity to make an impression consistent with your brand characteristics. The overall experience is only cohesive if the outside is consistent with the brand aesthetic used on the website, marketing materials, logo, and other branded elements.

“People are going to assume certain things about your brand based on the colors you use, the plants you incorporate, and the details of your outdoor décor,” he explains. “Brands should use that—take advantage of a first impression to mindfully convey instant information about your company. Something as seemingly small as a darker shade of the brand color can throw off the whole look. For example, the wrong font on the sign may convey something different than your website or social media on a subconscious level. Every detail is important if you want to make a really powerful first impression.”

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