How To Promote Your Home Business Brand on Facebook


Learn how to promote your home business brand on Facebook with an effective marketing strategy and a well-designed business page. You need more than a website to promote online. You have to promote your home business where a mass of people congregates, and Facebook is just the place!

In a previous article, I shared with you 5 “must-have” ingredients for successfully promoting your home business brand on Facebook.

Now you need a way to put the ingredients together to successfully promote your home business on Facebook. To do that, you need an effective marketing strategy to pull it all together for you. When you have all the essential ingredients and the right marketing strategy, your business page will be hopping with activity.


Answer these questions:

  1. What are your goals for your Facebook page? Brand awareness? Product Sales? Subscriptions?
  2. Who are you writing to? How do you speak, communicate with them? What tone is your voice? Direct? Humorous? Serious? Educational
  3. What value do you provide to your visitors and fans? Discounts on products and services? Contests? Q&A help?

Once you’ve answered these questions and have a solid base to operate from, you need to set a schedule of when and how you deliver content. Don’t insult your visitors and fans by inviting them to your page and then dropping the ball!

If you’re going to work that hard to attract them, keep them interested and engaged. Throw out a survey every now and then, find out what they want and deliver! Solicit feedback…and when you get it, respond intelligently and with care. Your brand is at stake!

Expect to encounter the occasional jerk or two who just loves to pop your cork. Take a deep breath, address the concern with patience and tact. You’ll be way ahead of the game!


Now that you have all the ingredients, you need to put them together using a consistent but purposeful marketing strategy. Set a schedule for the content you plan to share, including who, what, when, where, how.

Who will put out the content? You? An assistant? Social Media Manager?

  • And…who will address questions and feedback on your page?
  • What content will you be posting? Articles? Shared posts? Videos? Freebies?
  • When will you post? Daily? Twice daily? Every other day? Weekly?
  • Where will you post content? On your wall? Within Tabbed pages? Sponsored posts?
  • Why are you posting certain content? Engagement? Education? Entertainment? Promotional? Announcement?


Think about a time you’ve called a company for support only to feel like no one was there or no one cared. Don’t let your visitors experience that too. If your customers have questions comment, interact with them, and help them.

Whether it’s you or another admin, designate someone to monitor your business page throughout the day, every day. The internet never sleeps! Monitor activity on your business page so that you can promptly answer questions, interact with site visitors and deal with concerns.

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