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Miley Cyrus

Destiny Hope Cyrus, better known as Miley Cyrus to the general public, has quickly become an international sensation in the span of only a couple of years. The combination at the base of her career, acting and singing, has lead to total net worth value estimations of no less than of $160 million. That is definitely a lot for somebody her age.


Birth Name – Destiny Hope Cyrus
Date of birth – November 23, 1992
Zodiac Sign – Scorpio
Birth Place – Franklin, Tennessee, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 5″
Profession – Singer-songwriter, Lyricist, Voice Actor, Fashion designer, Dancer, Composer

Of course, talent like this does not just happen overnight. One could even say it runs in the family, since Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a well-known country music producer and an actor. He made sure that Miley get in at the Toronto Armstrong Acting School where she spent numerous years developing vital acting skills and perfecting them over time.

After she learned all she could, she started with some small roles in various big-time productions like “Big Fish” and the television show “Doc”. Of course, small roles were not going to be a long-term deal, so she soon got her own show where she played the role of a girl who led the secret life of a pop star. Yes, we are talking about the popular “Hannah Montana” TV series.  

The show was an immediate success. It even got its own full-length movie, called “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. Thanks to the show’s popularity, Miley Cyrus became a star who was renowned world-wide. After all, her acting career is what makes up the bulk of the total Miley Cyrus net worth.

This newfound popularity definitely helped Miley with her singing career as well. After all, she did play the role of a pop singer, so it was only natural to expect her to branch into it as well. When the soundtrack for the show was released, back in 2006, it reached the top of Billboard Top 200, a success not many young singers can take pride in.

Another thing that are worth mentioning is that Miley’s album sold in around 3 million copies in the US alone and received a x3 Platinum rating. Another album she released soon after, called “Breakout”, also made it to the number top of the album charts in the US.

All in all, acting and singing play an important role in Miley Cyrus, career, determining the greatest part of her total net worth. It just goes to show that, with enough effort, even young kids can become popular stars.

Image Source: geo.tv

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