So You Intend to Be a Director?


So, you intend to be a movie director? Does not everyone. It’s most likely the thought of being able to control things and having the power to do so. Think about those individuals following your every command. Or maybe You have GOT Anything TO Say. Or perhaps not. You do not just desire a profession, you also want power and glory. Nevertheless, the huge query is, can you picture scenes in your brain? If not, forget about becoming a Film Director, or a Cinematographer.

You you need to understand that a successful director and cinematographer is capable of putting pictures together in their minds which is more or less the same with the composer’s capability to hear music even before it was recorded. Musicians that play with their instruments until they uncover a tune are not real musicians. Real Musicians pick up music in their minds, then jot it down, or play it. The rest of us are just moving about, and a lot of fun it is too. For some people, directing is similar to a vocation or a calling like that of being a Priest or a Medical doctor. It is not remotely like being a Priest or a Physician, but it may be a vocation, because no one in their right thoughts would voluntarily go through the kind of hell that a Film Director has to go through. Film Directors not only have to be able to imagine in their heads, but they also have to be able to handle with a lot of very demanding and very different types of people. Once in a while somebody the likes of Karasawa or Hitchcock arrives into play. Individuals like them are so amazing that they clearly do not live in the same world as us mere mortals. And it is up to us to Protect and Preserve People like Them – the Brilliant Ones. Long ago the society looked up to these Brilliant Ones. At present most movie directors get the same kind of treatment but they are not considered as the Brilliant Ones because they are just those people who intend to get in front of the limelight and make a  good movie.

There are two things that you have remember if you intend to become a director one is that rude behavior is not required and another is that you do not have to burden yourself with technical information. It is really not a big issue for him or her to focus on the script and the actors and actresses in the film. Because that’s what we do – the Crew: we supply the technical expertise. The people that work together with the director while shooting the film are the DP. Operator and the Script Supervisor. Unpleasant directors that do nothing but dictate everything can be very dull to work alongside with. If they are a Brilliant One individuals forgive them, but if they are just boring, then they don’t.

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