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Punjabi culture

In the past, several races settled in the land of five rivers, Punjab. Hence, the culture of Punjab is an ancient one became complexed with the settlement of new races and time.

The poetry, language, customs and arts makes up culture of any land. The poetry of Punjab has deep meaning and the ancient words are not yet readable.

Punjabi music Bhangra rocks everyone, it is being using western musicians as a part of their compositions. Punjabi folk dance gained its popularity through out India.

The most amazing thing is that Punjabis have very high self esteem. They extremely hate begging and no Punjabi will go for begging in this life time. Every one will live on their own foot. This speaks about the greatness of Punjabi culture.

Punjabi Cuisines

Punjabi cuisines are mouth watering and are renowned worldwide for  it’s taste and aroma. Foreigners often identify Indian cuisines with Punjabi cuisines. In India, Punjabi dhobis are found from North to South and East to West. Their major recipes include rotes, parathas and naans made from wheat.

Punjabi chicken is delicious and is a must to eat item. Punjabis don’t eat rice like South Indians. They mostly depend on wheat which is more healthier than rice. Home cooked and Restaurant cooked Punjabi dishes will be different and vary in taste, since in homes dishes are prepared in traditional ways in earthen pots or tandoors, where as in restaurants they are prepared in vessels. The dishes have good aroma and people once tasted the cuisines do not forget it’s taste and aroma. They heavily consume milk products and often prepare side dishes with milk. Whenever, you visit India, don’t forget to go for a Punjabi Dhaba.

The land of five rivers and its History

Punjab is also called the land of five rivers due to its geographical position. Ganga and Yamuna originates in Himalayas and flows in Northern India. The five tributaries namely the Jhelum, the Chenab, the Beas, the Ravi and the Sutlej is flowing through this state and hence it is called the land of five rivers.

Punjab have very fertile lands because of these rivers and from past, several kingdoms were established and several civilizations were flourished here due to this fact.

People from Punjab are renowned for their braveness, courage and devotion towards their nation. From BC to till now, the fact is being proved. In 327BC, Alexander the great invaded India. King Ambit of Sindh region surrendered himself with out fighting a war where as king Pours or Purushottama,the ruler of Punjab fought with Alexander furiously. However he was defeated after a long war. Alexander was thrilled at his bravery and left his kingdom to him. In complement, he gifted some more land to king Porus.

Today, it is said that one third or one fourth of punjab youth is working in military serving the nation. Mother India is proud to have a son like punjab.

Punjabi is the local language and people are called as punjabis. Although punjab is a major sikh destination in the world with world renowned sikhs pilrim centre at Amritsar, it’s history reveals that it has a great cultural heritage.

Kurukshetra, the place of war between kauravas and pandavas. Lord krishna delivered the divine speech of “Bhagavatgita” here. Valmiki belongs to this region and he composed “Sri Ramayana”,epic belonging to  Hindu religion here.

People following islam are more populous and several historic places and masjids are found here. Punjabi culture can therefore can be said as spicy food with indegrients of all creeds and castes.

Bhangra is famous folk performance belonging to the region. Balle Balle dance is known to Every Indian and it rocks and rocking every music lover in this world.

Punjabi cuisines are world renowned and several hotels, dhabas and resorts are opened up with the name punjabi. All the punjabi hotels are having good response from the public telling us the great taste of cuisines.

In a word, if you want to see greatness of Indian culture, you have to see Punjab. If you want to taste real spicy food, enter into Punjabi Dhabi and if you want to rock yourself with the music, then play Bale Bale.

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